Raw Sorting Selection

When skins arrive at tannery, they are sorted out by our experienced assorter regarding grade, size and selection

Raw Skin Yard

In raw skin yard skins are prepared to load in the paddle according to Size.

Paddle Section

Soaking is done with biocide typically dithiocarbamates to prepare the skin for liming (burning process) to remove hair , protein and splitting up of fiber bundles.

Fleshing Section

Limed pelts are fleshed to remove adipose later

Drum Tanning Section

In drums pelts are delimed, degreased to remove fat , bated with pancreatic enzymes, pickled and tanning process done to stabilize the protein of raw skins preventing putrefaction and preparing it for a wide variety of end application.

Skin Sammying Section

Wet blue skins go through sammying operation to maintain certain humidity and to avoid any fold in packing.

Wet Blue Assortment

Wet blue skins are assorted by our expert Assorter with respect to the international standard grade

Measuring Machine

The assorted wet blue skins are passed through the photo cell sensor measuring machine to measure the area of the skin .

Effluent Treatment Plant

Continuous R&D projects look at processes to reduce sludge production, chemical, manpower and energy usage during the treatment of our wastewater. Implementation of reverse osmosis plant is in progress will ensure us all recovered water is fully recycled and utilised within our facility, resulting in zero liquid effluent discharge from our facility


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